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C-0565 - The Quantitative Performance Evaluation of the Image by Estimated Removal of Scattered Radiation Based on Similarity Analysis of Reference Image.

W. Chung1, J. Jung1, S. Lee1, S. H. Park2, E. Mo2; 1 Ansan-si/KR 2 Iksan-si/KR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Professional issues
Imaging Technique: Digital radiography
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Screening
Special Focus: Image verification
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Aims and objectives: Recently, there has been much research into techniques for estimating and removing scattered radiation without the use of anti-scatter grids. It has been shown to be difficult to get accurate results with these techniques in examinations with a large amount of scattered radiation, such as imaging la[...]

Methods and materials: We chose commonly used equipment (x-ray tube, generator, detector, and grid) for general diagnostic imaging for this research. Published research supports that objects with thickness under 4cm can rarely cause enough scattered radiation to influence diagnosis [1-3]. So, we selected a phantom [4] for[...]

Results: Fig. 3 shows the six CDO ROI without PMMA layers. In ROIs CDO6-7, image distortion were observed with the scatter estimation SW, such as a line penetrating to subject or a blackened area.    Fig. 4 shows the DSW ROIs in each image without PMMA layers. In DSW 11-14, image distortion were ob[...]

Conclusion: In this research, we proposed image analysis and quantitative method based on similarity by using a reference image. Also, in aspects of image distortion, we compared and evaluated images by using a grid and by using scattered radiation estimation/removal software.   In order to check the incre[...]

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References: Influence of the antiscatter grid on dose and image quality in pediatric interventional cardiology X‐ray systems. Ubeda, Carlos, et al. Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions 2013;82(1):51-57.   Guidelines for anti-scatter grid use in pediatric digital radiography. Fritz, Shannon an[...]

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