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C-2314 - Spine balance restauration with Spine-Jack

F. Pozo Piñon1, A. GONZALEZ MANDLY2, A. Iturralde-Garriz1, J. de la Calle Lorenzo1, V. Fernandez-Lobo1, E. herrera romero1, A. Barba Arce2, P. Gallego Ferrero1, B. Garcia Martinez1; 1 Santander/ES 2 SANTANDER/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional non-vascular, Musculoskeletal spine
Imaging Technique: Fluoroscopy
Procedure: Vertebroplasty
Special Focuses: Trauma, Prostheses
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Learning objectives: We are going to describe the different techniques used to treat the vertebral compression fractures, explain the technical details of the Spine-Jack Kyphoplasty, demonstrate the morphological changes achieved with this intervention and expose the pain response results of the patients treated with Sp[...]

Background: Vertebral compression fractures are a major health care problem because of the pain and also because of the possible disability associated to it. The principal causes of these fractures are firstly osteoporosis, followed by trauma and malignancies (mainly metastases and myeloma). Moreover, patient[...]

Findings and procedure details: In our Hospital we have used this technique to treat acute/subacute fractures (less than two months of evolution) with uncontrolled pain, in fifty patients (average age of 72,9 ± 11,6 years, and sex distribution of 34,6% males and 65,4% females) treated in the past three years (August-2012 to Septem[...]

Conclusion: We have compared our results with the ones of Noriega et al. and we have found similar pain response rates using Spine-Jack technique, and also similar Kyphotic angulation improvement. In our experience, Spine-Jack Kyphoplasty is a safe and reproducible technique for the treatment of vertebral com[...]

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References: Mathis JM, Barr JD, Belkoff SM, et al. Percutane- ous vertebroplasty: a developing standard of care for vertebral compressions fractures. Am J Neuro-radiol 2001; 22:373-381 Garfin SR, Yuan HA, Reiley MA. New technolo- gies in spine: kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty for the treatment of painful osteopo[...]

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