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C-0425 - Ureteral rendez-vous in complete iatrogenic sections: endoscopic-radiological combined procedure.

M. ALVAREZ DE EULATE GARCIA1, R. sigüenza gonzalez2, I. Sánchez Lite3, J. Galvan Fernandez3, M. C. Udaondo3, F. Trueba3, m. gomez san martin3, I. Jimenez Cuenca3, R. Esteban Casado3; 1 VALLADOLID/ES 2 valladolid/ES 3 Valladolid/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Urinary Tract / Bladder, Interventional non-vascular, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: Conventional radiography, CT, Fluoroscopy
Procedures: Recanalisation, Puncture, Endoscopy
Special Focuses: Fistula, Prostheses
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Learning objectives: The learning goal of this exhibit is to evaluate, through the review of several cases collected in our center, the possibility of using a radiological-endourological combined approach, "rendez-vous", minimally invasive, to restore ureteral continuity in cases of entire iatrogenic sections.

Background: Ureteral injuries are mostly iatrogenic secondary to pelvic surgical procedures, mainly gynaecologic (especially hysterectomies). They may also be caused by colorectal operations like abdominoperineal resection and sigmoid colectomy above all, and during urologic interventions. Usually the involved [...]

Findings and procedure details: We carry out this technique in our Center through teamwork between radiologists and urologists, emphasizing the term of combined approach, since the placement double J stents or prostheses in these cases is usually impossible, if the anterograde or retrograde approaches are performed independently. [...]

Conclusion: Faced with iatrogenic ureteral sections, a radio-endourological approach is effective and minimally invasive to restore ureteral continuity, reducing morbidity and mortality associated with other invasive therapeutic manoeuvres. In addition, it should be emphasized how a multidisciplinary approach, [...]

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References: 1. D.J. Summerton (chair), N. Djakovic, N.D. Kitrey, F.E. Kuehhas, N. Lumen, E. Serafetinidis, D.M. Sharma. Guidelines on urological trauma. European associaton of urology 2014. 2. C. Zini, M. Corona, C. Cirelli, G. P. Ricciuti, F. M. Salvatori; Rome/ IT. Ureteral rendez-vous: the orologio's techniq[...]

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