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C-0706 - Clinical Impact of PET-CT on patient management in metastatic breast cancer

M. Phillips, K. Horgan, A. F. Scarsbrook, B. Rengabashyam; Leeds/UK Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Breast
Imaging Technique: PET-CT
Procedure: Audit and standards
Special Focus: Cancer
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Aims and objectives: 18Fluorine fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG) Positron Emission Tomography combined with multi-slice CT (FDG-PET-CT) has been of valuable use in the management of some breast cancers, particularly in the detection of metastases The NICE guidelines on advanced breast cancer 2009 (updated 2014) state th[...]

Methods and materials: •160 patients with metastatic breast carcinoma who underwent FDG PET-CT at a single large tertiary referral centre between January 2008 and August 2014 were retrospectively analysed •61 patients who had all the relevant information on the hospital electronic patient record were selected   •Fi[...]

Results: Sixty one patients underwent seventy six FDG PET-CT scans during the study period The mean age of patients was 55 years    The mean approximate time from diagnosis of breast cancer to receiving an FDG-PET-CT scan was 74 months   There were 4 scans whose indication did not matc[...]

Conclusion: PET-CT influenced essential clinical decisions in the majority of metastatic breast cancer patients through detection of unsuspected metastases and characterisation of indeterminate lesions

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References: NICE Advanced breast cancer: diagnosis and treament 2014 RCR Evidence-based indications for the use of PET-CT in the United Kingdom 2015

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