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C-1604 - Videofluorographic swallow study in patients with systemic sclerosis: review of literature and single institution experience

A. Di Piazza1, L. Scopelliti1, M. Costanzo1, E. Murmura2, A. Lo Casto1, G. La Tona3, S. Salerno1, G. Lo Re1; 1 Palermo/IT 2 Sciacca/IT 3 "Palermo"/IT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Gastrointestinal tract, Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Stomach (incl. Esophagus)
Imaging Technique: Conventional radiography
Procedures: Barium meal, Dynamic swallowing studies
Special Focuses: Swallowing disorders, Pathology, Connective tissue disorders
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Learning objectives: Aim of our study is to evaluate the role of videofluorographic (VFG) swallow study in patients affected by scleroderma (SSc) and to define the most important swallowing changes related to the pathology.

Background: SSc is a multisystemic chronic disease characterized by abnormalities of small blood vessels (vasculitis) and extent fibrosis of both the skin and internal organs [1]. Direct damage to gastrointestinal tract is due to vasculitis and fibrosis evolving as vascular injury and consequent ischemia, neuro[...]

Findings and procedure details: Study population included 70 patients (25 male and 45 female) with 58 years old average (range 27-76, median age of 63). Concerning oral and pharyngeal phase of swallowing we included as parameters evaluated vocal cord motility, contrast agent continence in the oral cavity (Fig. 1), soft palate moti[...]

Conclusion: The early detection and follow up of dysphagia in patients affected by SSc is an important tool in the management of pathology to prevent the onset of other related complications such as aspiration pneumonia and reduction of food intake with malnutrition, dehydration and weight loss.

Personal information: Ambra Di Piazza Policlinico Universitario Paolo Giaccone di Palermo   ambra_dipiazza@hotmail.it    

References: 1.   R. Kato et al, Surgical Case Reports, A case of advanced systemic sclerosis with seveer GERD successfully treated with acotiamide, April 2016. 2.   Carlson et al; “Advances in the evaluation and management of esophageal disease of systemic sclerosis”, Curr Rheumatol Rep, 2015 Jan[...]

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