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C-2367 - Computed High b-value Diffusion-Weighted Imaging for Improving Conspicuity of the Bowel Inflammation in Crohn's Disease  

Y. Kitazume1, K. Takenaka1, A. hayashi1, K. Matsuoka1, T. Fujii1, M. Kimura1, M. Nagahori1, K. Ohtsuka2, U. Tateishi1; 1 Tokyo/JP 2 Tokyp/JP Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Colon, Small bowel, Abdomen
Imaging Technique: MR-Diffusion/Perfusion
Procedures: Colonography MR, Endoscopy
Special Focus: Inflammation
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Aims and objectives: Diffusion-weighted imaging has emerged as an imaging technique that provides information regarding the presence of inflammation, however, it has problems because of T2 shine-through in the bowel lumen on MR enterography(1). Computed DW Imaging (cDWI) is a mathematical computation technique that calc[...]

Methods and materials: Patients Fifty-four patients with CD, who had undergone magnetic resonance enterocolonography and ileocolonoscopy or balloon-assisted enteroscopy were studied.Clinical characteristics are shown in Table 1. MREC Imaging On the day before MR imaging, bowel cleansing was performed by oral ingestion o[...]

Results: A total of 366 segments (258 large bowels and 108 small bowels) were evaluated by endoscopy.     Typical MR images are shown in Figure 1.     Quantitative evaluation  The AUCs of ADC and contrast ratios of aDWI b800 and cDWI b1500 were 0.80, 0.70 and 0.77, respectively [...]

Conclusion: Computed high b-value diffusion-weighted imaging was feasible for improving conspicuity of ulcerative lesions in CD, especially for the bowels showing high signal lumen at acquired lower b-value.

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References: 1. Dohan A, Taylor S, Hoeffel C, et al. Diffusion-weighted MRI in Crohn's disease: Current status and recommendations. J Magn Reson Imaging. 2016. 2. Ueno Y, Takahashi S, Kitajima K, et al. Computed diffusion-weighted imaging using 3-T magnetic resonance imaging for prostate cancer diagnosis. Eur Ra[...]

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