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C-2592 - The roles of VDT and MDT of pulmonary pure ground glass nodules in differentiating invasive adenocarcinomas from minimally invasive adenocarcinomas and pre-invasive lesions

L. Qi, J. Wang, N. Wu, Y. Huang, W. Tang; Beijing/CN Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Lung, Oncology, Respiratory system
Imaging Techniques: CAD, CT-High Resolution
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, CAD
Special Focus: Cancer
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Aims and objectives: To evaluate volume doubling time (VDT) and mass doubling time (MDT) of pulmonary pGGN of different pathological types and to investigate whether VDT and MDT can help to differentiate invasive pulmonary adenocarcinomas (IAC) from minimally invasive adenocarcinomas (MIA) and preinvasive lesions.

Methods and materials: Fifty-one pathologically confirmed pGGNs in 46 patients were retrospectively evaluated, in whom at least two HRCT scans were obtained preoperatively (median scan times, 3 times) with 1-month or longer follow-up interval (median interval, 251 days; range, 30~1552 days). According to the rechecked res[...]

Results: The median VDT and MDT of 51 pGGNs were 1854.11 days and 1138.45 days, respectively. The median MDT was shorter than the median VDT, and the difference was significant. The median VDTs of group A and group B were 847.07 days and 4460.09 days, respectively. The median MDTs of group A and group B were[...]

Conclusion: In pulmonary pGGNs, IAC showed significantly shorter VDT and MDT than MIA/pre-invasive lesions. When VDT is shorter than 2095.86 days or MDT is shorter than 1169.77 days, IAC is suggested.

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References: 1. Oda S, Awai K, Murao K, et al. Volume-doubling time of pulmonary nodules with ground glass opacity at multidetector CT: assessment with computer-aided three-dimensional volumetry. Academic radiology, 2011, 18(1): 63-69. 2. Oda S, Awai K, Murao K, et al. Computer-aided volumetry of pulmonary [...]

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