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C-3106 - Imaging-based treatment selection for acute stroke patients

M. Radzina, A. Balodis, H. Kidikas, J. Savlovskis, A. Veiss, E. Miglane, K. Kupcs; Riga/LV Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Vascular, Neuroradiology brain, Interventional vascular
Imaging Techniques: MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR, CT
Procedures: Thrombolysis, Diagnostic procedure, Angioscopy
Special Focus: Ischemia / Infarction
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Aims and objectives: Stroke patients after thrombolysis show suboptimal results and poor functional outcome up to 46% [1,2]. European (2013) and North American stroke guidelines (2015) [3,4] and recent studies have showed the increasing proof for effective recanalization and reperfusion by endovascular treatment (ET), p[...]

Methods and materials: During 1 year (2015) 183 acute stroke patients out of 982 were actively treated (18,6%) in clinical university hospital stroke unit. Mean age 71,8 years (range 18-103 years), 47.2 % above age 66 years. Female 57%, male 43%. Our routine imaging protocol for acute stroke patients included: non-enhanc[...]

Results: Early and late neurological results showed improvement in neurological symptoms and successful recanalization in up to 90% cases in anterior circulation, using the new generation endovascular devices under digital subtraction angiography guidance. Functional good result was achieved in 67% after 90 [...]

Conclusion: In conclusion CT multimodal imaging allows to improve the assessment of individual physiology of acute ischemic stroke, based on imaging patterns and including CT perfusion, and should be used in clinical decision making.  

Personal information: Maija Radzina, MD, PhD, Radiologist and Researcher, Diagnostic Radiology Institute Paula Stradina clinical university hospital, Riga, Latvia, Pilsonu str. 13, Riga, Latvia, LV1002, e-mail:mradzina[at]inbox.lv

References: 1. Wardlaw JM, Murray V, Berge E, del Zoppo GJ. Thrombolysis for acute ischaemic stroke. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2014;7:CD000213. 2. Rodrigues FB, Neves JB, Caldeira D, Ferro JM, Ferreira JJ, Costa J. Endovascular treatment versus medical care alone for ischaemicstroke: systematic review and meta[...]

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