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C-0783 - Novel mathematical formula for volume estimation of liver lobes and spleen based on measurement of linear and surface dimensions

G. Stavridis, A. Kanavaki, E. Panteleakou, A. Soultatos, P. Zoumpoulis; Athens/GR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Liver, Spleen, Computer applications
Imaging Techniques: Image manipulation / Reconstruction, CT
Procedures: Segmentation, Statistics, Computer Applications-3D
Special Focus: Cirrhosis
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Aims and objectives:   Chronic Liver Disease (CLD) is associated with progressive destruction and regeneration of the liver parenchyma leading to fibrosis, cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), the latter being the most common type of liver cancer and among the top five leading causes of cancer deaths. Thes[...]

Methods and materials:     Patients and Data   We included in the study 30 patients (15 men, 15 women) who underwent abdomen CT examination.  The patients' mean age was 63 years and their   mean BMI was 26 (MIN : 19, MAX: 37.1). The CT slice thickness was ≤5mm and each CT [...]

Results: Linear Regression of the Liver Lobes (RL, LL and CL) and Spleen (SP) CT Reconstructed Volume with their corresponding Box and Prism Volume Linear regression was conducted between the gold-standard CT reconstructed volume of the liver lobes and spleen (V_RL, V_LL, V_CL and V_SP respectively) with t[...]

Conclusion: In summary, the present study suggests an alternate method for the estimation of the Liver Lobes and Spleen volume separately. The suggested method is as follows. At first, a set of specified linear and surface dimensions are measured on the organ in order to calculate the Box or Prism volume of the[...]

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References: Hoefs JC, Wang FW, Lilien DL, Walker B, Kanel G “A novel, simple method of functional spleen volume calculation by liver-spleen scan” J Nucl Med. 1999 Oct;40(10):1745-55. Ellen M. Yetter, Katrina B. Acosta, Mary C. Olson and Kenneth Blundell “Estimating Splenic Volume: Sonographic Measurements Corre[...]

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