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C-0196 - Finding the line: A radiological approach to stress fractures of the lower limb

A. Cano-Rodriguez1, L. Gomez Vazquez1, J. Morales Pérez1, V. Encinas Tobajas2, J. I. Reina Sanchez de Movellan3, M. Fajardo Cascos2, S. Navarro Herrero1, e. fajardo2, c. Le cacheux1; 1 Seville/ES 2 Sevilla/ES 3 Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Trauma, Musculoskeletal system, Musculoskeletal bone
Imaging Techniques: Conventional radiography, CT, MR
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Trauma, Athletic injuries, Osteoporosis
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Learning objectives: In this educational exhibit, we discuss the physiopathology of stress-related bone injuries and present selected examples of stress reactions, stress and insuficiency fractures from a multimodality point of view with emphasis in skeletal scintigraphy, computed tomography (CT ) and magnetic resonance[...]

Background: Stress-related bone injuries also known as chronic repetitive stress injury of bone involve a myriad of bone lesions extending from mild stress “reactions” with pain, soft tissue and periosteal oedema to complete and displaced stress or insuficciency fractures. Stress fractures are not the result of[...]

Findings and procedure details: We performed a retrospective search in our teaching file of all stress-related bone injuries. We collected imaging studies of sixty-three patients with stress-related bone injuries in the lower extremities. The age of the study population ranged from 14 to 73 years. Of the sixty-three patients studi[...]

Conclusion: Diagnostic imaging plays an important role in the specific diagnosis of stress related bone injuries and provides valuable information about the location and severity of stress fractures by classifying them into low and high risk fractures. In the abscence of a clear correlation between repeated str[...]

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References: Oliver Dobrindt, Birgit Hoffmeyer, Juri Ruf, Max Seidensticker, Ingo G Steffen, Frank Fischbach, Alina Zarva, Gero Wieners, Gerhard Ulrich, Christoph H Lohmann, Holger Amthauer. Estimation of return-to-sports-time for athletes with stress fracture – an approach combining risk level of fracture site [...]

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