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C-0569 - The value of implementing clinical audit: The experience of the National NHS England PET-CT Clinical Audit Programme

P. Ross1, W. Wong2; 1 London/UK 2 Northwood/UK Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Professional issues, Nuclear medicine, Management
Imaging Technique: PET-CT
Procedures: Audit and standards, Health policy and practice, Education
Special Focuses: Cancer, Education and training
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Aims and objectives:   Healthcare budgets around the world account for a significant proportion of spending as a percentage of a country’s GDP. According to OECD figures (2013), the United States spent by far the most on healthcare as a percentage of its GDP at 16.4 percent compared to the lowest spending European [...]

Methods and materials:   An exploratory sequential mixed methods study was undertaken. The unit of analysis was a single embedded case study centred on the National NHS PET-CT Clinical Audit Programme. The case study was influenced by Yin1 and was comprised of two parts:  [1] a pilot study with in-depth intervie[...]

Results: The results of the pilot study can be accessed in Nuclear Medicine Communications5. The following survey results confirmed the pilot study findings and describe graphically the value of clinical audit from the perspective of the clinician. The results relate to the first of the two surveys administe[...]

Conclusion: The value of clinical audit from the perspective of the clinician depends on the way in which the programme is implemented. A supportive team climate can help doctors to more fully engage with audit by inducing a sense of shared meaning and a culture of trust. In contrast the study’s data showed how[...]

Personal information: 1.Birkbeck School of Management, University of London UK. 2.Strickland Scanner Centre, Mount Vernon hospital, Northwood UK; University College London UK. corresponding email address: wailup.wong@nhs.net  

References: Yin R. Case Study Research, Design and Methods. USA: Sage Publications; 2009.  Greenhalge T, Robert G, Bate P, Macfarlane F, Kyriakidou O. Diffusion of Innovation in health service organisations. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing; 2005. Clark J. Medical engagement: too important to be left to chance[...]

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