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C-1848 - Understanding “ the fusion imaging ” – Methods of fusion with their advantages and disadvantages and study various fusion combination with their applications.

p. p. singh1, K. Gahlot2, R. Mourya2, V. Gahlot2; 1 sagar/IN 2 Sagar/IN Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Hybrid Imaging, Nuclear medicine, Molecular imaging
Imaging Techniques: SPECT-CT, PET-MR, PET-CT
Procedures: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Technical aspects, Comparative studies
Special Focuses: Hemodynamics / Flow dynamics, Multidisciplinary cancer care, Education and training
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Learning objectives: Learning objectives: 1.   To understand “the fusion imaging.” Methods 2.   Methods of fusion with their advantages and disadvantages. 3.   To study various fusion combination with their applications.

Background:   Fusion imaging is the process of merging and visualization of anatomical, functional and chemical information from two or more images in to single image in a more meaningful and synergistic manner. 1,2 Within the medical imaging environment, these data sources include modalities suc[...]

Findings and procedure details: The fusion software typically calls for two sets of data from the same patient selected for fusion. One is selected as the "primary" set to which the other will be registered.It is best to keep the original image resolution of each image set and retain its quantitative information. 1 The two blocks [...]

Conclusion: Interpretation of fused images is better than separate interpretation of either PET or CT/MRI images standing by themselves. It allows us to help physicians treat tumors earlier by providing la more specific, comprehensive picture of the disease.6 Fusion imaging blurs the boundaries between the di[...]

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References: 1 . Philip W. Wiest and Michael F. Hartshorne. Image Fusion. Applied Radiology. 2001;30(4).   2. Leong Joel F, Siegel Alan H. Clinical applications of fusion imaging. Applied Radiology Nov 2003;32(11).   3. Hellman Robert S. Fusion imaging, everyday, Sep-Ike 2004.   4. Paulino AC[...]

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