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C-3101 - Iterative Bayesian-based reconstruction method improves image quality of 3D mammography compared to filtered-back projection in patients with breast pathologies

J. Krammer1, S. Zolotarev2, K. Karalis3, D. Stsepankou1, I. Hillman3, K. Shahgeldi3, J. Hesser1, T. Svahn3; 1 Heidelberg/DE 2 Minsk/BY 3 Gävle/SE Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Molecular imaging, Oncology, Breast
Imaging Techniques: Mammography, CT, Digital radiography
Procedures: Physics, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Radiobiology
Special Focuses: Cancer, Calcifications / Calculi
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Aims and objectives: To compare the image quality of two reconstruction methods in digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT); the iterative Heuristic Bayesian Inference Reconstruction (HBIR) method and the conventional Filtered-Back Projection (FBP) method.

Methods and materials: Image acquisition and study population   Sixteen DBTs were obtained in 11 breasts with known breast findings according to BI-RADS2 or BI-RADS6: 4 craniocaudal, 2 mediolateral oblique and 5 both views using a Siemens 2D/3D mammography device[1-3]. For each scan, 25 projection[...]

Results:   Visibility of breast parenchyma was significantly better using the HBIR reconstruction method compared to FBP (AUCVGC = 0.84; p = 0.0015). Lesion specific assessment revealed an AUCVGC > 0.5 for clarity of lesion edge, noise level and extent of artifacts using the HBIR method. Lesion consp[...]

Conclusion: 3D mammography (DBT) has shown to improve diagnostic accuracy in comparison to 2D mammography and frequently, the conventional FBP method has been used[2, 3, 10-12]. But the dose level applied need to be considered[12]. As shown, the HBIR method significantly improves visibility of breast paren[...]

Personal information: 1Department of Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, University Medical Center Mannheim, Medical Faculty Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Germany   2National Academy of Science of Belarus, Institute of Applied Physics, Minsk, Belarus   3Mammography Section, Gävle Hospital, Gävle, Swe[...]

References: 1. Bissonnette, M., et al., Digital breast tomosynthesis using an amorphous selenium flat panel detector, Proc. SPIE 5745, 529–540.   2. Svahn, T., et al., The diagnostic accuracy of dual-view digital mammography, single-view breast tomosynthesis and a dual-view combination of breast [...]

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