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C-0475 - Model-based iterative reconstruction (MBIR) in CT abdomen: a prospective clinical study evaluating the intrinsic properties of MBIR in reaching a new equilibrium in dose reduction and intravenous contrast consumption, dedicated to the personal needs of the patient

C. C. Brussaard1, B. Ilsen2, J. Milles3, W. Giepmans4, J. de Mey1; 1 Brussel/BE 2 Brussels/BE 3 Leiden/NL 4 Eindhoven/NL Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Abdomen, Radiation physics
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedures: Dosimetry, Contrast agent-intravenous, Physics
Special Focus: Quality assurance
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Aims and objectives: To prove whether MBIR used in low dose settings in the abdomen is still capable of imaging details and low contrast differences

Methods and materials: In a prospective study, 26 consecutive patients over 65 years underwent a CT scan of the abdomen in the portal venous phase (iCT, Philips, Best, the Netherlands) with full dose (mean CTDIvol 9.9 ± 2.0 mGy), immediately followed by a second series with half dose. Both series were reconstructed with i[...]

Results: Drastic noise reduction was noticed using filter Body Routine Level 1 (Full Dose -43%, Half Dose -50%) and filter Body Routine Level 2 (Full Dose -53%, Half Dose -60%) compared to iDose4, explaining the amelioration of the S/N and C/N using IMR. The series performed with half dose and filter Body Ro[...]

Conclusion: The improved S/N and C/N can be used to reduce radiation (compared to current practice and/or intravenous contrast (with current dose settings) depending on the patients needs.

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References: Xiao X et all. Evaluation of Contrast Dose, Radiation Dose and Image Quality in Contrast-Enhanced CT in Pediatric Abdomen using Low tube Voltage and Low-concentration Iodinated Contrast Agent. RSNA 2016, SSQ16-09 Millon et all. Low contrast detectability and spatial resolution with model-based Ite[...]

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