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C-0855 - Imaging of the stomach with endoscopic correlation: a case-based approach

H. A. H. A. Aboughalia, M. Mafraji, M. Abdelhady; Doha/QA Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Stomach (incl. Esophagus), Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: PET-CT, CT, MR
Procedures: Endoscopy, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Pathology
Please note: This poster is part of the session VoE 65 - Arabic (Middle East) on Wednesday, March 1, 13:00 - 14:00 Add poster to my schedule In your schedule (remove)

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Learning objectives: 1. Review gastric anatomy. 2. Describe different pathologies affecting the stomach.   3. Illustrate imaging features of bariatric surgeries focusing on post operative complications.   4. Correlate radiological features associated with gastric pathologies to their endoscopic counterp[...]

Background: Gastric pathologies constitute a considerable portion of the spectrum of our practice in radiology. Cases displayed is this poster can roughly divided into five main categoriesÍž neoplastic, inflammatory, structural, post-bariatric surgery and miscellaneous conditions.   Key players of gastric i[...]

Findings and procedure details: Gastric Anatomy: The stomach is an alimentary reservoir that mixes and partially digests food. It lies between the esophagus and the duodenum and is traditionally divided into cardia, fundus, body, antrum and pylorus. Anteriorly, it is related to the left lobe of the liver and the left hemidiap[...]

Conclusion: It is clear from the previous discussion the relative strengths and weakness of medical imaging relative to endoscopy. While medical imaging might provide a better overview of the gastric pathologies relative to its surroundings, endoscopy better characterizes the luminal surface of gastric lesions,[...]

Personal information: H. A. H. A. Aboughalia, M. Mafraji,  M. Abdelhady; Radiology Residency Program, Medical Imaging Service, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar. It would give us great pleasure to receive your valuable feedback, please e-mail: haboughalia@hamad.qa

References: 1. Ba-Ssalamah, Ahmed, et al. "Dedicated Multidetector CT of the Stomach: Spectrum of Diseases 1." Radiographics 23.3 (2003): 625-644.   2. Insko, Erik K., et al. "Benign and Malignant Lesions of the Stomach: Evaluation of CT Criteria for Differentiation 1." Radiology 228.1 [...]

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