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B-0583 - Evaluation of clinical outcome for prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy using PI-RADS v2

R. KIM, C. Kim, J. YIM, J. Park; Seoul/KR Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interests: Pelvis, Oncology, Genital / Reproductive system male
Imaging Techniques: MR-Functional imaging, MR
Procedures: Outcomes analysis, Observer performance
Special Focuses: Outcomes, Neoplasia
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Purpose: Radical prostatectomy (RP) is an established treatment modality that reduces disease-specific mortality for patients with localized prostate cancer (PCa). 10-year biochemical recurrence (BCR) free survival was approximately only 79% according to a postoperative nomogram predicting long-term outcom[...]

Methods and materials: Study population         Imaging Technique   3T MRI (Intera Achieva 3 T or 3T, Philips Healthcare System) with phased-array coil 3-5 weeks after the TRUS-guided biopsy and before surgery Sequences T2-weighted turbo spin-echo image (axial, sagittal, and coronal) DWI[...]

Results: Baseline characteristics During a median follow-up of 9.1 years (range, 95-4108 days), the incidence of BCR was 40.4% (67/166), and incidence of disease progression was 33.1% (55/166). Of these 166 patients, 16 patients (9.6%) died and prostate cancer-specific death was occurred in 5 patients (3%).[...]

Conclusion: Discussion Our results Score <3 vs. ≥ 3 of PI-RADS v2 was significantly different for RFS & PFS during 10-year follow-up after RP. PI-RADS score : significant independent predictor for RFS in both readers PI-RADS score: borderline significant independent predictor for PFS in reader 1 &nb[...]

Personal information: Ran Kim MD, Department of Radiology and Center for Imaging Science, Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, 50 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-710, Republic of Korea; ran1001.kim@samsung.com   Chan-kyo Kim MD, Department of Radiology and Center for Imaging Science,[...]

References: 1.         Heidenreich A, Bellmunt J, Bolla M, Joniau S, Mason M, Matveev V, et al. EAU guidelines on prostate cancer. Part 1: screening, diagnosis, and treatment of clinically localised disease. European urology. 2011;59(1):61-71.   2.   &[...]

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