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C-0148 - A cloud radiological web portal based on real-time enforcement of legal requirements and specific patient-hospital data sharing agreements

R. Sanz-Requena1, G. García-Martí1, L. Marti-Bonmati1, C. Cavero2, M. Quintero3, J. Ruiz2; 1 Valencia/ES 2 Madrid/ES 3 Tenerife/ES Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: eHealth, Computer applications, Management
Imaging Techniques: Teleradiology, PACS
Procedures: Computer Applications-Teleradiology, Medico-legal issues, Technology assessment
Special Focuses: Quality assurance, Education and training
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Aims and objectives: 21st century patients and healthcare providers are rapidly changing due to the digital revolution, which has increased the capabilities for collecting, integrating, storing, analyzing and communicating many types of health-related data. Among these data, radiological examinations have a paramount ro[...]

Methods and materials: The radiological portal comprises the following integrated modules ( Fig. 1 ): •    Local PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System): a PACS deployed at a hospital with the standard functionalities. •    Gateway: this component is used as a secure mechanism to [...]

Results: All legal requirements (at European, national or company level) and potential patients’ preferences were successfully translated into machine-readable policies. Radiological studies were stored in the cloud and retrieved following compliance with the previously specified policies ( Fig. 4 ). Acces[...]

Conclusion: The cloud-based radiological portal greatly enhances patients’ autonomy, mobility and privacy needs. It can ensure by design that radiological data is always protected and accessible to patients and professionals’ in compliance with pre-defined legal and user requirements.

Personal information: R. Sanz-Requena: roberto.sanz@quironsalud.es C. Cavero: carlos.cavero@atos.net

References: •    Coco Cloud. Confidential and compliant clouds. www.coco-cloud.eu. •    Matteuci I., Petrocchi M., Sbodio M.L. CNL4DSA: a controlled natural language for data sharing agreements. SAC’10 Proceedings of the 2010 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing. DOI: 10.1145/1774088.177[...]

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