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C-3076 - Modic 1 changes in weight-bearing MRI of the spine: novel observations imaging patients with low back pain

F. Bruno, S. Alonzi, L. Patriarca, A. Barile, A. Splendiani, C. Masciocchi; L'Aquila/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Anatomy, Musculoskeletal spine
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Technical aspects
Special Focus: Edema
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Aims and objectives: Modic endplate lesions is a classification for vertebral body endplate MRI signal, first described in 1988 by Modic et al. They analyzed vertebral subchondral bone marrow MRI signal intensity changes using patients with low back pain. Vertebral endplates are mainly composed of water, collagen and pr[...]

Methods and materials: We evaluated 43 patients (26 females, 17 males, mean age 47.4 years) with low back pain and MRI evidence of Modic 1 vertebral changes. All patients were scanned in the supine and in the upright standing position using a dedicated 0.25T scanner. We excluded patients with history of trauma, malformati[...]

Results: The MRI examination in the standing position documented increase of Modic changes in 72% of patients, with a statistically significant difference (p<0.05). We also observed a reduction of disc height and disc hydration. Correlation analysis showed negative correlation between Modic changes and di[...]

Conclusion: Posture plays an important role in the exacerbation of pain, and the information obtained in the upright position may provide more useful diagnostic information for answeing clinical questions about patients suffering from low back pain.

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References: Liu Junhui, Hao Lu, Suyou Letu,Shan Zhi, Maiwulanjiang Mamuti, Li Shengyun, Wang Chongyan, FanShunwu, ZhaoFengdongn, Biomechanical properties of lumbar endplates and their correlation with MRI findings of lumbar degeneration, Journal of Biomechanics 49(2016)586–593 Alessandra Splendiani, Marco Perri[...]

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