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C-2591 - Participation in organised mammographic screening among immigrant women

S. Bhargava, S. Sebuødegård, S. Hofvind; Oslo/NO Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Oncology, Breast
Imaging Technique: Mammography
Procedures: Health policy and practice, Statistics
Special Focuses: Cancer, Epidemiology
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Aims and objectives: Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer that affects women worldwide, but incidence rates vary between countries and continents [1]. Migration from low-incidence countries to high-incidence countries increases the risk of developing breast cancer [2], and immigrants’ daughters have been show[...]

Methods and materials: Through a systematic literature search in PubMed, Embase, Google Scholar and Cochrane, we identified studies that compared participation in organised mammographic screening programmes among immigrant women and non-immigrant women. We included studies performed between January 1st 1995 and April 1st [...]

Results: We included eight studies from Australia, Canada and Europe. All studies showed lower overall participation rates among immigrant women compared to non-immigrant women (Figure 2). Odds ratio for participation among immigrant women versus non-immigrant women was 0.58 (95% CI: 0.43–0.77; p<0.005, I[...]

Conclusion: Immigrant women showed lower participation rates in organised mammographic screening programmes compared to non-immigrant women. Non-Western immigrant women had lower participation rates compared to Western immigrants. Given that immigrant women often have more advanced disease and higher mortalit[...]

Personal information: Sameer Bhargava, M.D. 1. Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo, Norway. 2. Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway. sameer.bhargava@kreftregisteret.no Sofie Sebuødegård, M.Sc. Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo, Norway. Sofie.Sebuodegard@kreftregisteret.no   Solveig Hofvind, [...]

References: 1. Ferlay J, Soerjomataram I, Dikshit R, Eser S, Mathers C, Rebelo M, et al. Cancer incidence and mortality worldwide: sources, methods and major patterns in GLOBOCAN 2012. Int J Cancer. 2015;136(5):E359-86. 2. Stewart BW, Kleihues P. (Eds): World Cancer Report. IARCPress. Lyon 2003. 2003. 3.&n[...]

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