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C-0218 - Klatskin tumor role of imaging in the diagnosis 

K. Medkour, D. Benabdelmoumene, M. Benallegue; Algiers/DZ Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Biliary Tract / Gallbladder, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: CT, MR, Ultrasound-Colour Doppler
Procedures: Computer Applications-General, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis
Special Focuses: Congenital, Dilatation
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Aims and objectives: Klatskin tumor is a malignant tumor  developed at the expense epithelium of the bile ducts. Klatskin tumor is peri-hilaire cholangiocarcinoma. 14% of primary malignant tumors of the liver. 1.5% of digestif cancers. 60 year old man. Surgery alone treatment curator. 1. Locations: Intra-hepatic:[...]

Methods and materials: Interest of imaging : Positif diagnosis + Staging ( MRI ). Assessment of resectability (CT + MRI). Remote extension (CT ). Post-therapeutic follow-up. Means of exploration:     Doppler ultrasound. CT. MRI. Doppler ultrasound : (Fig 11 and 12) First-line examination.  Dilation[...]

Results:     Analytic study: Will be based on three points for each analytic study and report type : Morphological study. Vascular Mapping. Lymph nodes. Morphological study: A.Biliary Retreatment: Seat. Size and biliary extent.(Classification) Shape and enhancement. Biliary variants. [...]

Conclusion: Before any Cholangiocarcinoma << TDM  and MRI >> are mandatory for a good balance of resectability. Respecting protocols and appropriate sequences for  a better interpretation. The new classifications answer questions of the surgeon , guide the staging and help draft a standard[...]

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References: Staging of Klatskin tumours (hilar cholangiocarcinomas): comparison of MR cholangiography, MR imaging, and endoscopic retrograde cholangiography :Thomas J. Vogl ,Wolfram O. Schwarz Matthias Heller Christopher Herzog Stephan Zangos ,Rainer E. Hintze ,Peter Neuhaus ,Renate M. Hammerstingl .   &n[...]

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