Local Time : 18:30 CET

E³ 721 - MR imaging in sports medicine II

Thursday, March 2, 14:00 - 15:30 Room: A Session Type: E³ - ECR Academies: Interactive Teaching Sessions for Young (and not so Young) Radiologists Topics: General Radiology, Musculoskeletal Add session to my schedule In your schedule (remove)


A. Sports injuries of the ankle

P. Robinson; Leeds/UK

Learning Objectives

1. To learn the anatomy of the ankle.
2. To learn the evaluation of common ankle injuries.


Acute ankle injuries are among the commonest problems encountered at all levels of sporting activity and thus even rare chronic sequelae are still a significant problem. Radiologists play an important role in imaging and treatment of athletes with acute and chronic injuries as clinical assessment is often difficult and non-specific. This presentation will illustrate ankle anatomy and the most significant sports-related acute and chronic injury processes and demonstrate the use of MR imaging and ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of these conditions, where appropriate image-guided therapy will also be discussed. Acute sports injury processes will include osseous, osteochondral and ligament injury. Chronic overuse injuries to the tendons, osteochondral unit and soft tissue impingement syndromes will be illustrated.


B. Shoulder injury

M. Zanetti; Zurich/CH

Learning Objectives

1. To review the anatomy of the shoulder in three dimensions.
2. To learn the evaluation of common shoulder injuries.


Standard radiographs, MR imaging, CT and ultrasound provides clinically useful information in detecting and characterizing injuries of the rotator cuff, cartilage, labrum and bone. The appropriate use of these modalities in common and uncommon shoulder injuries will be demonstrated in an interactive session. Tips and tricks will be given with the special focus on the normal anatomy, variants and potential pitfalls.

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