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C-1501 - Bowel disease in patients with HIV-positive patients: evaluation with CT.

I. Sokolina, M. Reshetnikov, M. Sinitsyn, J. Zuyzya, B. Bormotov; Moscow/RU Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Lymph nodes, Colon, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: Conventional radiography, CT, Image manipulation / Reconstruction
Procedures: Contrast agent-intravenous, Endoscopy, Contrast agent-oral
Special Focuses: Infection, AIDS, Lymphoma
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Aims and objectives: The World Health Organization (WHO) identified HIV/AIDS as the world`s most urgent public health challenge, as AIDS represents the greatest lethal epidemic in recent history. The gastrointestinal (GI) tracts is a major site of disease in HIV infection: almost of all HIV-infected patients present wit[...]

Methods and materials: We respectively reviewed abdominal CT scans of 47 HIV-positive patients who had confirmed bowel disease: intestinal tuberculosis (n = 29), Cl. difficile colitis (n = 7), cytomegaloviral colitis (n = 3), nonspecific ulcerative colitis (n = 6), lymphoma (n=2). Patients were predominantly male (68%). [...]

Results: Intestinal tuberculosis was confirmed in 29 patients (61,7%). On CT scans was seen usually concentric mural thickening affecting the ileocecal region (Fig.1, 2, 3). At eighteen of them were defined local thickening of the peritoneum in the ileocecal area. In all patients ileocecal involvement was as[...]

Conclusion: CT is increasingly utilized in the evaluation of infective bowel conditions in patients with AIDS. Certain CT findings may be helpful in indicating the underlying diagnosis. Lymph nodes with central low attenuation are typical but not pathognomonic of MTB infection. Thickening of the caecum and asce[...]

Personal information: Sokolina I.A. MD, PhD, Head Department of Radiology, Moscow Scientific and Clinical Center of TB control, Department of Health in Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation, isokolina@yandex.ru Reshetnikov M.N., MD, PhD, Head Department of Surgery, Moscow Scientific and Clinical Center of TB control, Depa[...]

References: 1.      Knox T.A., Spiegelman D., Skinner S. C. et al. Diarrhea and abnormalities of gastrointestinal function in a cohort of men and women with HIV infection.  American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2000, vol. 95, no. 12, pp. 3482–3489. 2.      Kotle[...]

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