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C-1958 - Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Grafts: What the Radiologist Should look for ?

C. N. H. Bekhet, A. A. M. B. Okba; Cairo/EG Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Musculoskeletal joint
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Structured reporting
Special Focus: Athletic injuries
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Learning objectives: To know the indications and contraindications of ACL reconstruction To evaluate the different types of grafts and to differentiate between the advantages and disadvantages of both synthetic and biological grafts To gain knowledge of how to assess the proper positions and signal intensities of the gr[...]

Background: Background: The demand for ACL reconstruction (ACLR) surgeries has been increasing over the past years, and the scenario of postoperative complaint is commonly encountered. Since we believe in the quote “the eye sees what the brain knows” every radiologist should grasp the basic concepts of how to e[...]

Findings and procedure details: ACL Reconstruction Complications Include but not limited to:     Graft tear/disruption Patient complains of knee laxity and giving away after re-trauma to the knee during the first post-operative year which is the remodelling phase. It can either be partial or complete. Primary signs of [...]

Conclusion: Conclusion:   Given the fact that MR evaluation after ACLR procedures is commonly encountered, knowledge of the different ACLR procedures, normal postoperative appearances and possible complications using MRI is mandatory for proper diagnosis and therefore proper management.

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References: References: Recht MP, Kramer J. MR imaging of the postoperative knee: A pictorial essay. Radiographics 2002; 22:765-774. Bencardino JT, Beltran J, Feldman MI, Rose DJ. MR imaging of complications of anterior cruciate ligament graft recostruction. Radiographics 2009; 29:2115-2126. Saupe N, White L[...]

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