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C-1361 - Peripheral Nerve Tumors: Imaging Features with Intraoperative Correlation

A. Gedminaite1, A. Brazaitis1, V. Augaitiene1, M. Minderis1, G. Andrijevskiene2; 1 Vilnius/LT 2 Middlesbrough/UK Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Neuroradiology peripheral nerve, Musculoskeletal soft tissue
Imaging Techniques: MR, Ultrasound
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focuses: Lymphoma, Neoplasia
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Learning objectives: Present a classification of peripheral nerve tumors Illustratively describe the spectrum of involvement on radiological imaging. Supplement the most spectacular cases with intraoperative findings for better understanding of correlation between imaging and anatomical features.

Background: Peripheral nerve tumors (PNTs) is a heterogeneous group of nerve neoplasms. They can be classified into two large groups: benign and malignant, both of which include subcategories. Benign PNTs are most common nerve sheath neoplasms such as schwannomas. However, a group of non-neoplastic nerve tumor[...]

Findings and procedure details: To understand the variety and also etiology of PNTs a detailed classification is presented in Table 1. However, it is important to note that many of the entities included in the classification are histological types and cannot be differentiated only radiologically. Although there are no imaging crit[...]

Conclusion: PNT is a common group of neoplasms, however, radiologists must be alert in order to differentiate between its malignant or benign origin. US and MRI are used for detection, differentiation and follow up of this pathology.

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References: Abreua E, Aubertb S, Wavreillec G, Ghenoa R, Canellaa C, Cottena A. Peripheral tumor and tumor-like neurogenic lesions. European Journal of Radiology 82 (2013) 38–50. Gruber H, Glodny B, Bendix N, Tzankov A, Peer S. High-resolution ultrasound of peripheral neurogenic tumors. Eur Radiol (2007) 17: [...]

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