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C-0679 - Endovascular management of spinal cord pial arteriovenous malformations

N. Hammami1, M. Matri1, S. Kchaou1, W. BOUGHANMI2, M. MAHMOUD2, C. DRISSI1, R. SEBAI2, S. Nagi1, M. BEN HAMMOUDA1; 1 Tunis/TN 2 TUNIS/TN Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Neuroradiology spine, Interventional vascular
Imaging Technique: Catheter arteriography
Procedures: Catheters, Shunts, Embolisation
Special Focus: Arteriovenous malformations
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Aims and objectives: Spinal vascular malformations (SAVMs) are rare diseases with a wide variety of neurologic presentations. They can be classified into three main groups (Rodesch et al, Neurosurgery 2010):   - Genetic hereditary lesions   - Genetic nonhereditary lesions   - Sporadic spinal art[...]

Methods and materials: We identified 6 patients treated for SC pial AVMs in national institute of neurology of Tunis between 2012 and 2016: 5 men and one woman Age ranged from 8 to 68 years 4 patients got MRI before angiogram

Results: Clinical presentation and symptoms were motor and or sensory deficit associated to bladder dysfunction in two cases. There were 4 pial arteriovenous fistula and 2 AVMs. Endovascular treatment was performed exclusively in all patients. Glue was injected in 4 patients and Onyx in 2 cases. Two patient[...]

Conclusion: Discussion: 1) Anatomy and epidemiology Spinal cord AVMs are fed by radicullomedullary and/or radiculopial, spinal cord feeding arteries, and drained by spinal cord veins. There is no gender difference and a predominance for presentation in the 2nd decade of life. Ectasia of the vein usually [...]

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References: 1) Spetzler RF, Detwiler PW, Riina HA, Porter RW. Modified classification of spinal cord vascular lesions. J Neurosurg. 2002 Mar;96(2 Suppl):145-56. 2) Krings T. Vascular Malformations of the Spine and Spinal Cord*: Anatomy, Classification, Treatment. Clin Neuroradiol. 2010 Mar;20(1):5-24. 3) Saint [...]

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