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C-2793 - Evaluation the sensitivity of FLAIR and DWI post-inject comparision with delay enhance T1w in detection of active MS lesions

J. Abdolmohammadi, M. Hoseinipurasl, M. Zandkarimi, K. Sharifi; Baharan/IR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: CNS
Imaging Techniques: MR, MR-Diffusion/Perfusion
Procedures: Decision analysis, Imaging sequences
Special Focuses: Demineralisation-Bone, Connective tissue disorders, Inflammation
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Aims and objectives: but whether patients don’t have MS plaques or MRI images are not enough optimized enough in order to show MS plaques? The aim of the current study is evaluating the efficiency of different MRI pulse sequences in order to better detection of MS plaques. The disease usually begins between the ages of [...]

Methods and materials: In this cross sectional study 32 patients (male: female = 10:22, age range 18 – 38 years, mean age 27 years) underwent MRI examination between May, 2014 until February, 2015 at Chamran imaging center, Sanandaj, Iran. MRI imaging was performed using a Siemens, Avanto, 1.5 Tesla system equipped with 8[...]

Results: This study was performed on 32 patients (male:10; female:22), 110 MS plaques were observed which 16 of them have been active plaques which FLAIR post injection sequences showed them with the most sensitivity and after that, T1W-post injection has the most sensitivity and then, DWI and ADC map sequen[...]

Conclusion: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease of the central nervous system and it is characterized by complex pathophysiological processes including inflammation, demyelination, axonal loss. MRI is the primary imaging modality to diagnose MS and follow up the plaques and has a high sensitivity t[...]

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References:  ADDIN EN.REFLIST 1.            Darlington PJ, Touil T, Doucet JS, Gaucher D, Zeidan J, Gauchat D, et al. Diminished Th17 (not Th1) responses underlie multiple sclerosis disease abrogation after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Anna[...]

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