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C-0335 - Super-rapid multi-planar reconstruction facilitates real-time oblique CT-guided puncture  

R. Sato1, T. Aramaki1, K. Yoza1, K. Iwai1, M. Endo2, T. Ito1; 1 Shizuoka/JP 2 Shizuokla/JP Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Interventional non-vascular
Imaging Technique: CT-Angiography
Procedures: Ablation procedures, Biopsy, Drainage
Special Focuses: Abscess, Cancer
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Learning objectives: The new technology 'Direct MPR' is very useful for real time oblique CT-guided puncture.

Background: On CT-guided puncture, oblique puncture is sometimes necessary to avoid the injury of important organs and vessels. Although tilting the gantry sometimes improves the situation1, the angle of tilt that can be obtained is limited to 30 degree. Because of keeping the working space, the angle is more l[...]

Findings and procedure details: The new technology for reconstruction ‘ Volume One Shot®’ is an algorithm of super rapid MPR keeping the target position from one volume data(Toshiba, Japan). It takes only 8 seconds to reconstruct the image from one full volume data(16cm). We can make oblique image freely based on coronal image or [...]

Conclusion: Super-rapid multi-planar reconstruction 'direct MPR' is useful for CT guided oblique puncture.

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References: 1)Boulter DJ et al. Tilting the gantry for CT-guided spine procedures. Radiol med 2014:119;750-57 2)Kamei S et al. Oblique approach for CT-guided liver radiofrequency ablation using multiplanar reformation images in hapatocellular carcinoma 3)Miura H ea al. Pneumothorax induced by radiofrequency abl[...]

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