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C-0846 - Classification of the various imaging patterns and the role of PET CT in imaging of lymphoma, the great masquerader

S. Mantripragada1, B. Jain1, D. Agarwal2; 1 Gurgaon/IN 2 GURGAON/IN Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Lymph nodes
Imaging Technique: PET-CT
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Education and training
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Learning objectives: -Illustrate the many faces of nodal/extranodal lymphoma affecting various organs. -A simple classification based on the various imaging manifestations of lymphoma irrespective of the organ involved and thus help in differentiation from other malignancies.   -Role of PET CT in diagnosis, stagi[...]

Background: Lymphoma is a common malignancy affecting all ages. It is one of the “great imitators” along with tuberculosis and should be in the list of differentials of masses anywhere due to its ubiquitous presence. The focus will be on the imaging manifestations of nodal/ extranodal lymphoma affecting vario[...]

Findings and procedure details: METHODS AND MATERIALS: A retrospective study (2012- 2016) was conducted comprising a collection of 60 cases of histopathologically proven nodal and extranodal lymphomas from head to toe. The study includes both males and females ranging from 1-70 years with varying clinical presentations.   W[...]

Conclusion: Lymphoma although wide and varied, follows a common set of imaging patterns in all organs. Thus, if the imaging features follow one of the above mentioned patterns, lymphoma should be included in the list of differentials irrespective of the organ involved. PET CT is the gold standard for imaging, s[...]

Personal information: Dr. Sravanthi Mantripragada, Neuroradiology fellow, Medanta- The Medicity, Gurgaon, India

References: Extranodal Lymphoma From Head to Toe: Part 1, The Head and Spine; Adam G. Thomas1 Ramachandran Vaidhyanath; AJR 2011; 197:350–356 Extranodal Lymphoma From Head to Toe: Part 2, The Trunk and Extremities; Adam G. Thomas1 Ramachandran Vaidhyanath; AJR 2011; 197:357–364 Clinical Utility of PET/CT in Lym[...]

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