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C-0747 - Evaluation of white matter integrity with tract-based spatial statistics in patients with traumatic brain injury

C. S. Andrade, D. M. Conceição, D. C. Grassi, M. C. G. Otaduy, A. L. C. Zaninotto, M. C. S. Lucia, W. S. Paiva, M. J. Teixeira, C. d. C. Leite; São Paulo/BR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Trauma, Neuroradiology brain, CNS
Imaging Techniques: MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR
Procedure: Imaging sequences
Special Focus: Trauma
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Aims and objectives: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an important cause of severe disability, cognitive dysfunction and mortality worldwide (1). The main goal of this study is to longitudinally assess white matter (WM) microstructure with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in patients with moderate to severe TBI. Correlatio[...]

Methods and materials: The Institutional Review Board approved this study and written informed consent was obtained from all participants. Twenty adults with moderate to severe TBI Glasgow Coma Scale < 13) were evaluated with a 3.0 T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the acute (t1 < 3 months), subacute ([...]

Results: In comparison to controls, patients exhibited one large cluster with lower FA values (p < 0.001) at all stages (t1, t2, t3), but the number of affected voxels decreased over time by 2% at t2 and 7.2% at t3. Patients also exhibited significant increases in MD, RD and AD in extensive areas of the b[...]

Conclusion: DTI provides valuable insights about the progression of WM microstructural changes in TBI. Abnormalities of DTI metrics in TBI patients may be explained by a combination of myelin disruption and axonal degradation. Our results suggest that WM damage in TBI patients are not stationary and may reverse[...]

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References: 1. Timmons SD. An update on traumatic brain injuries. J NeurosurgSci 2012;56:191-202 2. Smith SM, Jenkinson M, Woolrich MW, et al. Advances in functional and structural MR image analysis and implementation as FSL. Neuroimage 2004;23:208-19 3. Smith SM, Jenkinson M, Johansen-Berg H, et al. Tract[...]

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