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C-1428 - 3D computed tomography gastric volumetry, Is it the end of the honeymoon weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy ?  A real clinical and radiological study to measure the gastric volume after sleeve gastrectomy and evaluation of its complications. 

M. S. Abdelrazek1, O. Al Mukhiled2, M. Abd Elraouf1, D. Z. Zidan3, A. louka1, A. A AL-Addad2; 1 Cairo/EG 2 Khobar/SA 3 12345/EG Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Abdomen, Gastrointestinal tract
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedure: Computer Applications-3D
Special Focus: Dilatation
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Aims and objectives: To measure the post sleeve gastric volume in order to assess failure versus success of the operation and to detect the cause for the new weight gain after operation, Is it anatomical or behavioral.  

Methods and materials: This prospective study include 52 patients who underwent sleeve gastrectomy. The study performed for patients underwent surgery from 2 months up to 10 years post operativly.  Target population include patients who underwent sleeve gasterctomy surgery at surgery department of the [...]

Results: Our study included 52patients range from 18 to 53 years old average age was 38years. (35 female and 17 male) 33 % of them were males and 67 % were females. In our study the BMI varied from 34 up to 47.5. 21 patie nts were presented with early diabetes mellitus and 8 patients were complaining from h[...]

Conclusion: 3D CT gastric volumetry has been the ideal examination for gastric volume evaluation after sleeve gastrectomy especially in patients with new weight gain or failure to loss weight. All patients loss wight from 2 months up to one year post operatively. Patients with less post-surgical gastric volume [...]

Personal information: Dr. Mahmoud Ali Sarhan Abdelrazek MD.: Diagnostic radiologist at the military hospital king Abdul-Aziz air base- Dhahran- KSA and Minia oncology institute- Egypt. Dr. Omar Al mukhiled: Head of radiology department, Military hospital King Abdul-Aziz air base- Dhahran- KSA. Prof. Dr. Dalia Zaky Zidan [...]

References: Abou Rached A, Basile M and El Masri H. Gastric leaks post sleeve gastrectomy: Review of its prevention and management. World J Gastroenterol 2014 October 14; 20(38): 13904-13910.  Baltasar A, Serra C, Pérez N, Bou and Bengochea M. Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy. Obesity Surgery. 2006; 16:1535-1538.  Barna[...]

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