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C-0993 - HRCT imaging findings of diffuse lung involvement in collagen vascular diseases

F. Greco, L. Cereser, M. Zanotel, G. Como, R. Girometti, C. Zuiani; Udine/IT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Thorax, Respiratory system, Lung
Imaging Techniques: CT, CT-High Resolution
Procedures: Complications, Education, Decision analysis
Special Focuses: Connective tissue disorders, Inflammation
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Learning objectives: To briefly review the most common collagen vascular diseases (CVDs) which may have pulmonary involvement. To recognize typical and atypical chest High-Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) pulmonary and extrapulmonary imaging findings.

Background: CVDs constitute a group of autoimmune disorders, whose common denominator is the damage to components of connective tissue, frequently targeting pulmonary interstitium, airways, pleura, and pulmonary vasculature.(1,2) Diagnosis of these conditions is often challenging, while management concentrates [...]

Findings and procedure details: 1. Indications to HRCT HRCT is considered the imaging technique of choice for the detection and characterization of ILD in patients with CVD. Indications to HRCT in patients with CVD include: baseline evaluations at CVD diagnosis when pulmonary involvement is suspected; monitoring of therapy when p[...]

Conclusion: Chest HRCT allows assessment of interstitial lung involvement and of extrapulmonary manifestations in patients with CVDs; most cases show a non-specific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP) pattern. Chest HRCT features of CVDs may suggest clinical entities and influence management before final diagnosis.

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References: Kim EA, Lee KS, Johkoh T, et al. Interstitial lung diseases associated with collagen vascular diseases: radiologic and histopathologic findings. Radiographics. 2002;22 Spec No:S151-65. Bryson T, Sundaram B, Khanna D, Kazerooni EA. Connective tissue disease-associated interstitial pneumonia and idiop[...]

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