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C-2622 - CT angiography/perfusion (CTA/CTP) for early detection of delayed cerebral ischaemia (DCI) after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrage (aSAH)

E. Puglielli, R. Lattanzi, G. Esposito, V. Di Egidio; Teramo/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Neuroradiology brain, Interventional vascular, Emergency
Imaging Techniques: CT, CT-Angiography, CT-Quantitative
Procedures: Technical aspects, Decision analysis, Embolisation
Special Focuses: Aneurysms, Outcomes, Ischemia / Infarction
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Aims and objectives: recent studies support an overestimation of the extent of ischemia after thromboembolic stroke using the automatic perfusion algorithms in CT. After aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrage (aSAH), the delayded arrival of contrast due to vasospasm may overestimate the ischemic area in the delayed cerebral [...]

Methods and materials: we included 346 consecutive patients with symptomatic SAH (mean age 63,4y, April 2009-March 2016), who underwent NCCT/CTP/CTA for imaging and subsequent endovascular treatment with permanent exclusion. Clinical deterioration after aSAH were categorized into DCI and no DCI. CTP maps were automatical[...]

Results: 55.49% of patients (192/346) were included and in the DCI clinical deteriorated group 32.29% (62/192) have a reduction of CBV and increase of MTT suggestive for vasospasm that lead poor outcome 23.43% (45/192); the positive predictive values (PPVs) were 0.62 for the CTP and negative predictive value[...]

Conclusion: Although recent studies support the role of CTP/CTA in the early detection of DCI from vascular complications after aSAH, more efforts are needed to evaluate the relationships between imaging and final outcome.

Personal information: Interventional and Vascular Radiology, G. Mazzini Hospital, Teramo, Italy  

References: 1.Murphy A, de Oliveira Manoel AL, Burgers K, Kouzmina E, Lee T, Macdonald RL, Bharatha A. Early CT perfusion changes and blood-brain barrier permeability after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Neuroradiology. 2015 Apr 14. Epub ahead of print.   2. Lei Q, Li S, Zheng R, Xu K, Li S. Endotheli[...]

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