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C-0848 - Usual and Unusual Parotid Lesions:  A Radio-Pathological Correlation

C. CHATUR1, A. Balani2, S. Devu3, U. MATHAPATI1; 1 HYDERABAD/IN 2 Secunderabad/IN 3 Hyderabad/IN Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Salivary glands
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedure: Contrast agent-intravenous
Special Focuses: Inflammation, Neoplasia, Tissue characterisation
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Learning objectives: 1. Enlist imaging features of neoplastic and non neoplastic lesions of parotid. 2. Elucidate the imaging features of various parotid lesions and their pathological correlates.   3. To detect specific imaging findings, on CT imaging, predictive of malignancy.

Background: The spectrum of parotid gland, largest salivary gland, lesion ranges from inflammatory to neoplastic. Parotid tumors are uncommon neoplasms that account for approximately 3% of all head and neck tumors.   The surgical approach to parotid tumors is different for benign and malignant neoplasms, [...]

Findings and procedure details: Forty-five consecutive patients (33 males, 12 females; age range 5-65 years) with parotid gland swelling presenting from June 2015 to May 2016 were retrospectively included in the present study.   Imaging parameters were analyzed as: density, contrast enhancement, lesion margins (well-defined[...]

Conclusion: CT helps in understanding normal parotid anatomy and describing the morphology and loco-regional spread of various parotid lesions. Radiological findings, on correlation with histopathology aids in recognizing the differentiating features of various parotid lesions; thus leading to final diagnosis[...]

Personal information: DR. CHINKY CHATUR PGY-2, DEPARTMENT OF RADIODIAGNOSIS YASHODA HOSPITAL, SOMAJIGUDA, HYDERABAD, TELANGANA STATE, PIN: 500082 INDIA   Correspondence address: Flat No. 11, Shiva Apartments, beside Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, Hyderabad    Email address : chinkychatur@gmail.com   Co[...]

References: 1.       Christe A, Waldherr C, Hallett R, Zbaeren P, Thoeny H. MR imaging of parotid tumors: typical lesion characteristics in MR imaging improve discrimination between benign and malignant disease. AJNR American journal of neuroradiology. 2011;32(7):1202-7.   2.   &[...]

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