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C-0326 - Anatomic findings of recurrent postsurgical varicocele: role of endovascular transcatheter embolization

F. Corvino1, L. Centore2, E. Soreca2, A. Corvino1, S. Dell'aversana1, A. Bencivenga2; 1 Naples/IT 2 Benevento/IT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Veins / Vena cava, Genital / Reproductive system male
Imaging Techniques: Catheter venography, Fluoroscopy
Procedure: Embolisation
Special Focus: Varices
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Learning objectives: To describe venographic findings in patients with post-surgical recurrent varicoceles and to assess the efficacy of the following minimally invasive endovascular treatment.

Background: Laparoscopic and microsurgical techniques, currently used for varicocele treatment, are associated with a recurrence rate of up to 9%. The main cause of treatment failure in varicocele patients has been reported to be the presence of collateral gonadal veins, pre-existing or formed after interv[...]

Findings and procedure details: Fifteen men (age range, 16-33 years; mean age, 20 years) with recurrent varicoceles after failed surgical treatment of left-sided varicoceles were examined between 2011 and 2014, using retrograde venography to assess the anatomy of varicoceles draining veins before the attempted trans-catheter [...]

Conclusion: Recurrence after surgical varicocelectomy is associated with increased inguinal collaterals. Retrograde varicoceles embolization may be superior to surgery because of its ability to detect gonadal vein variants. In our study group, transcatheter embolization with pushable coils allowed successf[...]

Personal information: F. Corvino, Department of Advanced Medical Biosciences, University Federico II of Naples (UNINA), Biostructures and Bioimmages Institution (IBB), National Research Council (CNR), via Pansini 5 I-80131 Naples, Italy.   L. Centore, Radiology Department, G. Rummo Hospital, via dell'Angelo 1, [...]

References: 1.Bittles MA, Hoffer Ek. Gonadal vein embolization: treatment of varicocele and pelvic congestion syndrome. Semin Intervent Radiol 2008; 25:261-270. 2.Iaccarino V, Venetucci P. Interventional Radiology of male varicocele: current status. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 2012; 35:1262-1280. 3.Sze DY,[...]

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