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C-1126 - Hemodynamic Evaluation of Carotid Webs Based on CT Angiographic Data

K. Compagne1, E. Postema1, B. Emmer1, A. van Es1, C. B. L. M. Majoie2, W. Van Zwam3, J. Wentzel1, A. van der Lugt1, F. J. Gijsen1; 1 Rotterdam/NL 2 Amsterdam/NL 3 Maastricht/NL Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Vascular, Neuroradiology brain, Head and neck
Imaging Technique: CT-Angiography
Procedures: Angioplasty, Stents
Special Focuses: Hemodynamics / Flow dynamics, Embolism / Thrombosis, Ischemia / Infarction
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Aims and objectives: Carotids webs are fibrous lesions causing circumferential narrowing in the proximal internal carotid bulb. Due to the morphology, carotid webs may be an important cause of (recurrent) ischemic stroke for patients without other major risk factors (1, 2).   Hemodynamic flow patterns near atheros[...]

Methods and materials: Patients and imaging data CFD simulations of carotid webs were based on computed angiography (CTA) scans originated from the Multicenter Randomized Clinical trial of Endovascular treatment of Acute Ischemic stroke in the Netherlands (MR CLEAN). Patients were included in the MR CLEAN trial if there w[...]

Results: We evaluated 9 patients with a carotid web (8 female; median age 59 years, IQR 45-70). The included patients had a carotid web on the symptomatic side of acute ischemic stroke, except in one patient where the carotid web was located on the asymptomatic side.   Severity of stenosis caused by th[...]

Conclusion: Carotid webs are associated with an increased recirculation zone compared to the contralateral carotid bifurcation within patients with acute ischemic stroke due to intracranial large vessel occlusion. The total surface of the recirculation zone is strongly correlated with the degree of stenosis cau[...]

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References: 1. Choi PM, Singh D, Trivedi A, Qazi E, George D, Wong J, et al. Carotid Webs and Recurrent Ischemic Strokes in the Era of CT Angiography. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2015;36(11):2134-9. 2. Joux J, Chausson N, Jeannin S, Saint-Vil M, Mejdoubi M, Hennequin JL, et al. Carotid-bulb atypical fibromuscular dy[...]

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