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C-2671 - Lung ultrasound vs MDCT in the follow up of lung contusions in major trauma

S. Ianniello, M. Merola, F. Greco, M. Trinci, V. Miele, F. Gaudino; Rome/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Lung, Emergency
Imaging Techniques: CT, Ultrasound
Procedure: Radiation safety
Special Focus: Trauma
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Aims and objectives: The aim of our study was to evaluate the role of lung ultrasound (US) versus thoracic multidetector computer tomography (MDCT) in the follow-up of pulmonary contusions in major trauma, in order to extend the daily use of this method in intensive care, reducing the risks related to the transport of i[...]

Methods and materials: It was made a prospective study of 87 patients with age range between 18 and 75 years, who were involved in a major trauma. These patients were studied acutely in the same time in emergency room with CTMD and lung US, using a linear 11 MHz or convex 5MHz multifrequency probe. “B-lines” were taken as[...]

Results: Lung US in emergency room could identify lung contusions with the presence of “B-lines” in 85/87 patients. The only 2 lesions, which were not visible in US were located retroscapular and posterior-apical. At 24 hours and at day 6 after trauma we have had a complete concordance of finding in lung US [...]

Conclusion: Lung US is comparable to CTMD in recognition and in follow-up of pulmonary contusions. Lung US has the advantage to be performed at patient’s bedside in intensive care unit, also daily, to avoid ionizing radiation, evaluating quickly presence and extension of lung contusions.

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References: [1] Mirka H, Ferda J, Baxa J (2012) Multidetector computer tomography of chest trauma: indications, technique and interpretation. Insights Imaging 3:433-449. [2] Kaewlai R, Avery LL, Asrani AV et al (2008) Multidetector CT of blunt thoracic trauma. Radiographics 28:1555-1570. [3] LoCicero J, Mattox [...]

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