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C-0845 - Role Of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced & Diffusion weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Local Staging & Grading of Urinary Bladder Carcinoma  

A. H. A. A. Afifi, T. Abdel Samie, K. Alnouwam, M. Atta; Alexandria/EG Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Urinary Tract / Bladder, Oncology, Abdomen
Imaging Techniques: MR-Functional imaging, MR, MR-Diffusion/Perfusion
Procedures: Screening, Imaging sequences
Special Focus: Neoplasia
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Aims and objectives: Urinary bladder cancer is a relatively common malignancy, especially in elderly patients. Treatment outcome and prognosis are strongly related to adequate local and regional tumor staging.Unfortunately, clinical understating frequently occurs, which negatively influences prognosis. Therefore, advanc[...]

Methods and materials:        Current Prospective study conducted from June 2015 through August 2016 upon fifty patients with a presumed diagnosis of bladder cancer either clinically or by other radiologic investigations.Examination protocol was approved by the institutional medical ethics committee, a[...]

Results: The study was performed on 50 patients (46 (92%) were males and 4 patients (8%) were females).Age ranged between 30–82 years (mean age was 59.72± 9.08 years). 22 out of 32 patients (69%) with PT1 bladder carcinoma showed preserved submucosal enhancement in DCE-MRI confirming superficial non muscle[...]

Conclusion: MRI is an effective tool for determining T stage and histological grade of urinary bladder cancers. Results were more accurate when both DW-MRI including ADC and DCE-MRI were used together and hence a combined approach is suggested.

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References: 1.Burger M, Catto JW, Dalbagni G, Grossman HB, Herr H, Karakiewicz P, et al Epidemiology and risk factors of urothelial bladder cancer. European urology 2013; 63: 234-41. 2.Verma S, Rajesh A, Prasad SR, Gaitonde K, Lall CG, Mouraviev V, et al. Urinary bladder cancer: Role of MR imaging. Radiographic[...]

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