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C-0428 - Intracranial pericallosal lipoma incidental finding in CT scan

D. Dumitrescu, M. Savin, A. Nedelcu, D. Negru, I. Jari; Iasi/RO Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interest: Neuroradiology brain
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedure: Contrast agent-intravenous
Special Focus: Congenital
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Learning objectives: To illustrate computed tomography aspects of intracranial pericallosal lipoma.  

Background: —Intracranial lipomas  are uncommon and rare lesions, they represent only about 0.1% of all intracranial malformations (1)   —Though lipomas, are considered to be tumors, the intracranial ones are thought to be malformations (1)   —The multiplication of lipoma cells is never observed [...]

Findings and procedure details: A 70 –years-old men with neglected hypertension was scanned for the suspicion and symptomatology of  stroke. Neurological consult:   - facial paralysis (central type)   - right diminished tendon reflexes - pseudobulbar syndrome       —Head CT revealed a non-enhancing, o[...]

Conclusion: Our case correspond to a tubulonodular lipoma (Type I), being localized near the dorsal surface of corpus calosum with no vascular anomaly associated.   The lipoma we described has a mass effect on nearby structures with no clinical signs.   Asymptomatic intracranial lipomas are usually in[...]

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References:     1.Quraishi SMS, Hussain Iqbal KM PMCID: PMC4080026 Incidental Detection of Intra-Cranial Lipoma in Patient with Quadriparesis. J Clin Diagn Res. 2014 May; 8(5): MD06–MD07. doi:  10.7860/JCDR/2014/8027.4346   2.Tart RP, Quisling RG. Curvilinear and tubulonodular varieties of l[...]

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