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C-1719 - White matter volume is decreased in bipolar disorder at early and late stages

T. M. B. Da Conceição1, J. Á. Duarte2, R. Massuda3, P. Goi1, M. V. Sulzbach3, R. Colombo1, F. Kapczinski3, C. s. Gama3; 1 Porto Alegre/BR 2 PORTO ALEGRE/BR 3 Porto alegre/BR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Neuroradiology brain, CNS
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedures: Segmentation, Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Outcomes
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Aims and objectives: To evaluate the variation of the corpus callosum and white matter volumes in the late and early stages of bipolar disorder and the relation with the gray matter neuroprogressivity.   To evaluate the total white matter (WM) and corpus callosum (CC) volume variation and the demyelination process [...]

Methods and materials: Fifty-five subjects were enrolled to this study protocol; twenty-nine patients and twenty-six controls matched for age, gender, education and body mass index (BMI). The double case-control design included 14 patients with BD at early stage (individuals who exhibit the same status in the interepisodi[...]

Results: The subjects’ general characteristics are summarized in Table 1. Data of patients with BD are presented in Table 2. CC (p = 0.035 for early and p = 0.028 for late-stage groups) and total WM volumes (p = 0.005 for early, p = 0.021 for late stage) were significantly smaller in patients with BD than in[...]

Conclusion: In conclusion, even considering the limitations of the sample size and cross-sectional design of this study, the total GM volume reduction in patients at late stage is in agreement with the neuroprogression theory in BD. The reduction of WM volumes in total WM and in CC in early and late stages of t[...]

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References: 1-Arnone, D., McIntosh, A.M., Chandra, P., Ebmeier, K.P., 2008. Meta-analysis of magnetic resonance imaging studies of the corpus callosum in bipolar disorder. Acta Psychiatr Scand 118(5), 357-362. 2-Atmaca, M., Ozdemir, H., Yildirim, H., 2007. Corpus callosum areas in first-episode patients with [...]

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