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C-2392 - Imaging review of the normal anatomy of the oral cavity

L. García1, L. C. Figueroa-Diaz1, M. Betancourt-Torres2, S. C. Torres-Ayala3, R. Rivera-de Choudens1, J. R. Ortiz-Cruz1, I. Rendon1, A. Perez1, A. Bravo-Martinez1, C. Lupiañez-Merly4; 1 San Juan/US 2 Hato rey/US 3 mayaguez/US 4 Ponce/US Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Ear / Nose / Throat, Anatomy
Imaging Techniques: CT, MR
Procedure: Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis
Special Focus: Cancer
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Learning objectives: The purpose of this exhibit is to review the normal anatomy of the oral cavity and its imaging appearance on both computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.  Special attention will be placed on radiological landmarks important for identification and staging of squamous cell carcinoma o[...]

Background: From an imaging standpoint, the oral cavity is a complex region given the combination of different organ systems, including the digestive, musculoskeletal, vascular, and nervous systems. In order to adequately evaluate this region, a knowledge of the radiological anatomy and important landmarks is [...]

Findings and procedure details: Normal anatomy: Osseous structures    Maxillae:   The alveolar and palatine processes make the roof of the oral cavity. The anterior two-thirds of the hard palate are composed of the two palatine processes that project from the medial surface of each maxilla.   Two incisive cana[...]

Conclusion: Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor of the oral cavity and oropharynx, accounting for more than 90% of malignancies of these areas. Knowledge of the normal anatomy and radiological landmarks of these areas is essential for identifying and staging disease.  Adequate radio[...]

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References: Arya, S., Rane, P., & Deshmukh, A. (2014). Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma: role of pretreatment imaging and its influence on management. Clinical radiology, 69(9), 916-930. Burkill, G. J. C., Evans, R. M., Raman, V. V., & Connor, S. E. J. (2016). Modern radiology in the management of [...]

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