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C-2275 - MP-MRI evaluation of the most common prostatic and periprostatic cystic lesions

L. Palumbo1, G. Di Costanzo2, B. Cusati1, M. Puglia1, R. Danzi3, A. Ragozzino1; 1 Napoli/IT 2 Battipaglia (SA)/IT 3 Naples/IT Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Pelvis, Genital / Reproductive system male, Anatomy
Imaging Techniques: MR, MR-Diffusion/Perfusion, MR-Functional imaging
Procedures: Diagnostic procedure, Observer performance, Localisation
Special Focuses: Congenital, Cysts, Calcifications / Calculi
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Learning objectives: Analize and describe the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) features that could be help for a correct differential diagnosis between the most common cysts of lower male genitourinary tract that may be encountered in clinical practice.

Background: Cysts of the lower male genitourinary tract are uncommon. They can be grouped in two categories: intraprostatic and extraprostatic cysts. Furthemore it is important consider many mimics that are not true cysts but dilatations of nearby structures  (Table 1).       Accurate diffe[...]

Findings and procedure details: All MRI examinations were performed on a 1,5 Tesla scanner. Were evaluated the MRI features of cysts of lower male genitourinary tract identified in our institution. The most common cysts identified have been: Median cysts   Mùˆllerian duct cysts  Fig. 1 These intraprostatic cysts arise [...]

Conclusion: MRI is very accurate for detecting and characterizing the nature and the exact subtype of these cystic lesions and for differention from other pathologic conditions (bladder diverticula, hydroureter, ectopic insertion of ureter, ureterocele, etc). Although a correct diagnosis supposes detailed knowl[...]

Personal information: L. Palumbo, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie Hospital, Pozzuoli (Naples, Italy) email: luipalumbo@libero.it G. Di Costanzo, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie Hospital, Pozzuoli (Naples, Italy)   B. Cusati, Departement of Radiology, Santa Maria delle Grazie H[...]

References: 1. Nghiem H, Kellman G, Sanberg S, et al. Cystic lesions of the prostate. RadioGraphlcs 1990; 10:635-650.   2. Priyadarshi V, Sing J P, Mishra S, et al. Prostatic utricle cyst: a clinical dilemma. APSP J Case Rep 2013;4(2):16.   3. Shebel H M, Farg H M, Kolokythas O et al. Cysts of th[...]

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