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B-1018 - Diagnostic accuracy of coronary CT angiography performed in 100 consecutive patients with coronary stents using a novel whole organ high-definition CT scanner

D. Andreini, G. Pontone, S. Mushtaq, A. D. Annoni, A. Formenti, M. Mancini, C. Fiorentini, A. Bartorelli, M. Pepi; Milan/IT Type: Scientific Paper
Area of Interest: Cardiac
Imaging Techniques: CT-High Resolution, CT, CT-Angiography
Procedure: CAD
Special Focuses: Arteriosclerosis, Artifacts
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Purpose: Coronary CT angiography (CCTA) has emerged as a reliable tool for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and for the evaluation of patients after previous coronary artery intervention (PCI). However, visualization of stented segment lumen and quantification of in-stent restenosis (ISR) with CCTA h[...]

Methods and materials: We enrolled 100 consecutive patients (85 males, mean age 65±10 years old) with previous coronary stent implantation scheduled for clinically indicated non-emergent invasive coronary angiography (ICA). A novel whole-organ  high-definition CT scanner was used.  Image quality score, using a 4[...]

Results: Mean HR during the scan was 67±13 bpm. Twenty-six patients had >65 bpm HR during scanning and 13 patients had AF. Overall, image quality was high (Likert=3.2±0.9). Stent interpretability was 95.8% (184/192 stents). Among 192 stented segments, CCTA correctly identified 32 out of 33 with >50% in[...]

Conclusion: A new whole-organ high-definition CT scanner was able to evaluate coronary stents with high image quality, stent interpretability, diagnostic accuracy and low radiation exposure, also in presence of unfavorable HR and heart rhythm. Of note, in these clinical conditions, the literature reports signif[...]

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References: Mahnken AH. CT Imaging of Coronary Stents: Past, Present, and Future. ISRN Cardiology 2012;Epub2012 Sep 11. Rixe J, Achenbach S, Ropers D, Baum U, Kuettner A, Ropers U et al. Assessment of coronary artery stent restenosis by 64-slice multi-detector computed tomography. Eur Heart J 2006;27:2567-257[...]

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