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C-3125 - Development of an anthropomorphic spine phantom suitable for fusion of MR neurography with interventional flat-panel CT

Q. M. Hamie1, M. Zadory1, M. Hecht1, P. Fürnstahl1, M. Klarhöfer1, J. Fröhlich1, T. Elsässer2, T. Pfammatter1, R. Guggenberger1; 1 Zurich/CH 2 Forchheim/DE Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional non-vascular, Musculoskeletal spine, Hybrid Imaging
Imaging Techniques: Experimental, MR, Cone beam CT
Procedures: Computer Applications-3D, Experimental investigations, Puncture
Special Focuses: Image registration, Image verification
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Aims and objectives: Phantom models are useful for simulate anthropomorphic structures for the development of new interventional systems, for the implementation and development of innovative medical procedures, for the training of MRI operators and has the advantage of long-term structural stability allowing to perform [...]

Methods and materials: To develop the present anthropomorphic phantom we followed the process depicted in Fig.1 In vivo tissue signal measurements Determination of T1 and T2 relaxation times: we had local institutional review board approved for all MRI examinations and written informed consent was obtained from each vol[...]

Results: In vivo tissue signal measurements   t1 [ms] t2 [ms] fat 394 161 muscle 1160 40 bone marrow 822 67   Ex vivo dilution series measurements and selection of the components     T1 [ms] SD T2 [ms] SD             Tube No. conc %   &[...]

Conclusion: The spine phantom was successfully assembled using respective components in anthropomorphic geometry. Nerve tissue was simulated with agarose-impregnated polyethylene fibres. Using the finished phantom, a fat-supressed T2-weighted 3D STIR SPACE was acquired for the MR neurography imaging. Subsequent[...]

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References: Surry, K., Austin, H., Fenster, A. & Peters, T. Poly (vinyl alcohol) cryogel phantoms for use in ultrasound and MR imaging. Physics in medicine and biology 49, 5529 (2004). Ohno, S. et al. Production of a human-tissue-equivalent MRI phantom: optimization of material heating. Magnetic Resonance[...]

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