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C-1153 - MRI features of peripheral neurogenic tumors.

M. García Ortega1, D. Dunlop1, A. Benito Ysamat2, I. Domínguez Paillacho1, R. Montero Perez-Barquero2; 1 Córdoba/ES 2 Cordoba/ES Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal soft tissue, Extremities, Neuroradiology peripheral nerve
Imaging Technique: MR
Procedure: Diagnostic procedure
Special Focus: Education and training
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Learning objectives: - To review the morphological and signal-intensity characteristics on MRI of peripheral neurogenic tumors.   - To describe the MR findings that allows their classification with pathological correlation.  

Background: Benign tumors of the peripheral nerve sheath can be classified into two main groups: Schwannomas (neurilemoma) and Neurofibromas.   Treatment of these tumors varies depending on the symptomatology.  Schwannomas grow eccentrically from the nerve, because they have a capsule that facilitates[...]

Findings and procedure details: We searched our hospital’s database for cases from the last 5 years, with a confirmed neurogenic tumor diagnosis, describing their MR imaging features. We correlated them with the tumor pathology analysis.   - Schwannomas.   Schwannomas or neurilemomas stands for approximately 5% of benign[...]

Conclusion: MRI plays an important role in the diagnosis and characterization of peripheral neurogenic tumors. It also allows the radiologist to suspect malignancy based on suggestive imaging findings, conditioning a suitable preoperative surgical approach to each kind of tumor.  

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References: 1. Jee WH, Oh SN, McCauley T. et al. Extraaxial neurofibromas versus neurilemmomas. Discrimination with MRI. AJR 2004; 183, 629-633.   2. Van Herendael BH, Heyman SRG, Vanhoenacker FM et al. The value of magnetic resonance imaging in the differentiation between malignant peripheral nerve-sheath[...]

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