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C-2199 - Interventional Radiology Treatment of Paediatric Liver Transplant Complications; Do the Donors and Grafts Count?

S. Dyer Hartnett, I. Diez Miranda, C. Gonzalez-Junyent, C. Parra Fariñas, J. quintero, M. Perez Lafuente, A. Segarra Medrano; Barcelona/ES Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional vascular, Pediatric, Interventional non-vascular
Imaging Technique: CT-Angiography
Procedures: Thrombolysis, Angioplasty
Special Focus: Transplantation
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Aims and objectives: To review paediatric liver transplant complications (PLTC) and the role interventional radiology (IR) has in its treatment; To retrospectively evaluate the efficacy of percutaneous and endovascular treatment of PLTC in our tertiary centre;   To evaluate whether the type of donor (live/cad[...]

Methods and materials: Our centre is the referral centre for paediatric liver transplant for an under-age population of about 1,532,627. POPULATION   Inclusion criteria: -       age of transplant < 18-years old -       diagnosed with vascular or biliary[...]

Results: PRIMARY END POINTS No association (p value >0.05) was found between the type of graft a patient receives, whether partial or complete, and the long-term success of IR procedures when treating PLTC. No association (p value >0.05) was found between the type of graft donor, whether cadaver or li[...]

Conclusion: IR procedures are a safe alternative to re-transplant or re-intervention; IR treatment of vascular complications is overall more effective than that of biliary complications, although this is probably related to the fact that the latter are frequently a result of ischemia, which causes stenosis [...]

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References: Miraglia Roberto, Maruzzelli Luigi, Caruso Settimo, Marrone Gianluca, Cortis Kelvin, Spada Marco , et al. Minimally invasive endovascular and biliary
treatments of children with acute hepatic artery thrombosis following liver transplantation. Pediatr Radiol. 2014;44:94–102.   Quiroga S, Sebast[...]

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