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C-2231 - High-pitch spiral scan with 3rd generation dual-source CT scanner: Is there any room as a possible alternative to conventional spiral scan for the thoracoabdominal CT and how?

E. Suehiro1, T. Nishii1, S. Takahashi1, T. Itoh2, T. Sekitani1, K. Kagawa1, N. Negi1, A. KUSAKA1, K. Sugimura1; 1 Kobe/JP 2 Tokyo/JP Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interest: Abdomen
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedure: Physics
Special Focus: Artifacts
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Aims and objectives: Background Since the clinical introduction of dual-source CT (DSCT) scanners, high pitch spiral scanning has been applied to cardiac CT as an extremely high temporal resolution scan, with acquiring entire data with one-quarter rotation by filling the gaps using data from the second detector. High-pi[...]

Methods and materials: Phantom 30-cm-water phantom was placed at the center of FOV for the evaluation of image noise. A cylindrical tube (3-cm in diameter) half filled with yogurt, which simulated gas-filled bowl, was inserted at the center of water-filled container (10-cm in diameter)(Fig3). Image acquisition All CT da[...]

Results: 1)    Image noise (Fig. 6-8)  Image noise at center of water phantom ranged from 13.9 to 14.7HU, while those of 8- and 13-cm off-center ranged from 12.0 to 12.5 HU and 9.8 to 10.3HU, respectively. Image noises at center were greater than those of off-center with all scan. At the center of [...]

Conclusion: Since TF with a pitch of 1.55 provided low image noise and artifact, which were even better than those of high-pitch SS of 1.5, it might be used as a possible alternative to SS in whole-body scan.

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References: Ref.1 Morsbach F, et al: Performance of turbo high-pitch dual-source CT for coronary CT angiography: first ex vivo and patient experience. Eur Radiol. 2014 Aug; 24(8):1889-95. Ref.2 Hell M, et al: Prospectively ECG-triggered high-pitch coronary angiography with third-generation dual-source CT at 7[...]

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