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C-1413 - Rare forms of Ewings sarcoma: A pictorial review

N. Mohan, S. Abraham, K. Gopakumar, S. M. Koshy, P. Kusumakumary, K. Ramachandran; Thiruvananthapuram/IN Type: Educational Exhibit
Area of Interests: Musculoskeletal bone, Oncology
Imaging Techniques: MR, CT, Digital radiography
Procedure: Education
Special Focus: Neoplasia
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Learning objectives: Ewing sarcoma is a well-known paediatric bone tumour. In fact, it is the second most common primary malignant bone tumour in children and adolescents after osteosarcoma [1]. But beware, not all of them have straight forward typical manifestations, a handful come in disguise not revealing their true [...]

Background: Ewing sarcoma was originally described by James Ewing in 1921 (Fig. 1) . James Ewing originally described it as arising from undifferentiated osseous mesenchymal cells; however recent studies with the advent of cytogenetics and immunohistochemistry suggest that the tumour might be neuroectodermally [...]

Findings and procedure details: Here we describe a few rare forms of Ewing sarcoma which we came across in our oncology centre. CASE 1: EWING SARCOMA OF PETROUS BONE   2 year old boy with irritability, vomiting and features of raised intracranial tension.          Primary Ewing sarcoma of skull is[...]

Conclusion: Awareness of atypical sites and presentations of Ewing sarcoma is important to clinch the diagnosis. Whenever we see prominent soft tissue component associated with bone lesions, especially in a child, we should always consider Ewing sarcoma also as a possibility, be it unusual sites or multiple sit[...]

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References: M. D. Murphey, L. T. Senchak, P. K. Mambalam, C. I. Logie, M. K. Klassen-Fischer, and M. J. Kransdorf, “From the radiologic pathology archives: Ewing sarcoma family of tumors: radiologic-pathologic correlation,” Radiogr. Rev. Publ. Radiol. Soc. N. Am. Inc, vol. 33, no. 3, pp. 803–831, May 2013. M.[...]

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