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C-2852 - Optimisation of the Philips AlluraXper FD20 imaging setting allows to halve the radiation and contrast-medium doses during lower limb revascularisation procedures

F. Gentile, M. A. Ruffino, A. Discalzi, M. Fronda, P. isoardi, D. Righi, P. Fonio; Torino/IT Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Interventional vascular, Extremities, Radioprotection / Radiation dose
Imaging Techniques: Percutaneous, Catheter arteriography, Fluoroscopy
Procedures: Angioplasty, Dosimetry, Radiation safety
Special Focuses: Education and training, Dosimetric comparison
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Aims and objectives: Percutaneous endovascular revascularization is emerging as preferred treatment in symptomatic peripheral arterial disease (1). These procedures expose patients to significant doses of ionizing radiation, with a potential risk of radiation-induced skin damage caused primarily by deterministic effects[...]

Methods and materials: In 2015, thanks to the cooperation of the Philips’s technical support, we introduced a low dose protocol consisting in an additional filtration (1 mm of Al and 0.1 of Cu) in fluorography and we implemented fluoroscopy with an additional "ultra low dose" halving the pulses per second (7.5 vs. 15 pps)[...]

Results: The percentage of procedures was similar in the two periods: in particular we distinguished 27 type I (21.8%), 52 type II, (40.6%) 25 type III (19.5%), and 23 type IV (18.7%) revascularization in 2012 and 57 type I (21.9%), 77 type II (29.6%), 81 type III (31.9%) and 43 type IV (16.5%) in 2015. De[...]

Conclusion: Improvement of available equipment, optimizing the angiographic system settings as reported in our study are associated to a lower radiation dose, assuring safe endovascular lower limb revascularization.

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References: 1 - Einat Segal, MD, Ido Weinberg, MD, MSc,Isaac Leichter, PhD, Alexander Klimov, MD, Jay Giri, MD, MPH, and Allan I. Bloom, MD. Patient radiation exposure during percutaneous endovascular revascularization of the lower extremity
Vasc Surg 2013;58:1556-62. 2 - Tim A. Sigterman, Lars J.J. Bolt, Maa[...]

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