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C-0461 - Low volume Iodine Contrast Enhanced Kidney CT using Iterative Reconstruction in Animal Model: Comparison of Image Quality with Conventional Kidney CT

S. Kim, R. Kim, J. Cho, S. Kim; Seoul/KR Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Animal (veterinary) studies, Contrast agents, Kidney
Imaging Technique: CT
Procedures: Comparative studies, Experimental investigations
Special Focus: Artifacts
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Aims and objectives: • Contrast induced nephropathy (CIN)     – Incidence : 2-12%     – 3rd most common cause of hospital-acquired renal failure (10%)    – total iodine load correlates well with the risk of CIN development     – the volume of contrast material [...]

Methods and materials: A. Image acquisition 20 adult male New Zealand white rabbits (2.8 - 3.3 kg) were included and assigned to four kinds of kidney CT protocol;   1st week 350 mgI/mL contrast Study group (n=10) Control group (n=10) 2nd week 240 mgI/mL contrast Study group (n=10) Control group (n[...]

Results: A. Qualitative analyses At all dynamic phases, the study group demonstrated better image sharpness and overall image quality with less image noise, regardless of contrast material concentration.   The qualitative score of streak artifact was not different at 35sec phase, however, the study grou[...]

Conclusion: We focused on whether a small volume of contrast material would yield comparable image quality than the conventional volume if the images were reconstructed with an IR algorithm.   The main difference between the study and control groups was the volume of the administered contrast material[...]

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References: 1. Tao SM, Wichmann JL, Schoepf UJ, Fuller SR, Lu GM, Zhang LJ (2016) Contrast-induced nephropathy in CT: incidence, risk factors and strategies for prevention. Eur Radiol 26:3310–3318 2. Chertow GM, Burdick E, Honour M, Bonventre JV, Bates DW (2005) Acute kidney injury, mortality, length of st[...]

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