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C-2316 - Efficiency of applying of teleradiology service in metropolis

A. Masri, I. Pyatnitskiy, S. Kim, S. Morozov, A. Petraikin; Moscow/RU Type: Scientific Exhibit
Area of Interests: Management, eHealth
Imaging Techniques: PACS, Teleradiology
Procedures: Safety, Cost-effectiveness, Audit and standards
Special Focuses: Quality assurance, Education and training
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Aims and objectives: In order to conncet all the diagnostic departments of Moscow clinics into one single module, in 2015 Moscow Healthcare Department made a decision to implement Unified Radiology Information System (uRIS) with Radiology Research and Practical Center (RRPC) as the main controlling institution. The ma[...]

Methods and materials: In uRIS currently there is a full coverage of outpatient clinics. There are 130 radiologists, 62 CT, 40 MRI, 3 PEC CT, 23 mammograph equipment and more than 300000 radiological studies. The RRPC experts support radiologists remotely with second opinions. Also the experts are monitoring the qual[...]

Results: The service was launched in early 2015. After audition there were identified a number of errors: in examination protocols and radiological reports (commonly in lung, chest and pelvis studies). In response 15 training courses for doctors and radiographers, 6 conferences and 25 clinical case reports w[...]

Conclusion: Unified Radiology Information System has shown high efficiency in the quality control, organization and optimization of the cost-effective diagnostics in the outpatient clinics of Moscow.

Personal information: Amir Masri, MD amir.masri6@gmail.com Ilya Pyatnitskiy i.a.pyatnitskiy@gmail.com Stanislav Kim, MD, PhD s.kim@rpcmr.org.ru Sergey Morozov, MD, MPH, PhD, Prof spmoroz@gmail.com Alexey Petraikin, MD, PhD alexeypetraikin@gmail.com

References: 1. Horea Craciun, Kshitij Mankad, Jeremy Lynch. Risk management in radiology departments World J Radiolv.7(6); 2015 Jun 28PMC4473307   2. Lau L. Leadership and management in quality radiology. Biomed Imaging Interv J. 2007;3:e21.    3. Olisemeke B, Chen YF, Hemming K, G[...]

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